Choosing the right private security company for business executive

Executive protection is the combination of all security and safety measures put in place to protect VIPs, celebrities, and high ranking government officials. It also extends to other people who might be subject to increased personal risks due to their nature of employment or personal wealth. Executive protection provides security to minimize the risks of assassinations, kidnapping, and extortion. For extreme cases like celebrities, they protect against paparazzi and unwanted guests and fans. Recently, executive protection has extended to include cyber security through worldwide executive protection services.

Business executives are also exposed to these risks. With the advancement in technology, the risks they face also escalates. To combat these risks, a top-notch private security company has to be hired. The protective measures that the company might employ include:

1) providing bodyguards for them and in some cases their family members,
2) home security systems,
3) background checks on all their current and prospective employees,
4) armored vehicles and chase cars.

For clients to be accorded all or some of these features, they have to choose the right security company.
The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing a security company for a business executive.

1) The quality and experience of the personnel should be considered.
The executive protection personnel to be hired should be licensed under local laws and thoroughly vetted. Their performance and ability fitting into the business environment should be tested and approved. The experience of the personnel and the company’s management, through training and former clients protected, should be considered.

2) The executive protection company and personnel should have excellent planning abilities. Before choosing them, the client needs to ensure that the company can do reconnaissance and plan ahead. They also need to have good task, route, escape and evasion plans in place to ensure the safety of client and themselves.

3) The scope of services offered.
The range of services the company provides should be verified and weighed against the needs of the client. The client should pick the package that better suits them. They should also check the other packages available should they need to upgrade or downgrade.

4) Cost.
Securing a high-quality service is no cheap. Also, expensive cost does not always mean the best service. Business executives should consider professionalism above cost. The client should weigh the services needed and level of protection required. The client should settle for the best one at the most reasonable cost.

5) The speed of response.
Executive protection services are trained and required to provide a quick and appropriate response to a situation. The prospective company should be able to provide the client with quick response, depending on the urgency involved.

6) Business executives should also scrutinize the type of technology the executive security firm offers. Most attacks can be detected and neutralized by the use of the correct technological security. Encrypted mobile applications can be used to relay the location and enable communication with the client in real time.
Cyber security can prevent digital attacks, through malware and hacking, and ensure that data and network access is limited to those with proper clearance.

There are other factors to be considered when choosing the right private security company, but the above is the main one.
The important task of all executive security is about people and saving their lives. It doesn’t matter the company that the client may choose, the most important thing is bringing him/her safely home.