Social Security Card Replacement


The card provides the citizens of the United States of America, permanent residents or temporary working residents of the US with a 9 digit Social Security Number. The Social Security Number is issued by the Social Security Administration under the aegis of the Federal Government of the United States of America.

Officially, the main and foremost purpose of a Social Security Card and Social Security Number is to track an individual for social security purposes. That said, it has now evolved into the go to the identification number for taxation and other tracking and related purposes. A Social Security Number and Social Security Card can be obtained by submitting the Form SS-S – Application for a Social Security Number Card to the relevant departmental authorities, more often than not, your local Social Security Administration office or

A replacement Social Security Card can be applied for in the case an individual’s original Social Security Card is stolen or misplaced. You may request for a Social Security Card replacement up to 3 times a year and up to 10 times in your lifetime. This is a free service offered by the Social Security Administration and the application process can be easily completed online using the My Social Security account if the individual qualifies under the following criteria

i) Individual is a United States citizen of 18 years of age or older and is in possession of a valid United States mailing address including, but not limited to, APO, FPO and DPO addresses.

ii) Individual is

not requesting a change of name or any other change of information in the replacement card

iii) Individual is in possession of a valid United States driver’s license or a valid an identification card issued by select states of the US.

In case the application for a Social Security Card replacement cannot be submitted online, the individual will need to fill out and print the form SS-S Application for a Social Security Card and submit it, with the required documents, in original, to the local Social Security office. Please note, the Social Security office does not accept photocopies or attested copies of the required documents. All submitted documents must be in originals or copies that have been certified by the issuing agency.

While there might be a number of instances where the same day Social Security Card replacement is required, you should know that all current methods of getting a replacement Social Security Number or Card usually takes a minimum of one week to process and deliver. This is largely due to the fact that all requests need to be processed manually and then mailed to the requester by the Social Security Administration. That said, the methods of applying for a replacement social security card – online, by mail, or in person – differ in speed, ease, and cost.

However, while you wait for a week to 10 business days to receive your replacement Social Security Card, it is possible to get a temporary printout of your Social Security Number from your local Social Security office. This printout with your Social Security Number can be used in the interim till the card is mailed to your registered address. The verification printout is usually valid for only a month. It is important to note that this facility is not available online and you would need to physically visit your local Social Security office for this request.