Why you should focus on Website UX Design and Website Speed

When starting a website with a variety of services and/or products listed on the site, you are always wondering what else would your competitor provide in details on their site and this is probably the reasons why you should focus on Web UX design and Website speed this improve the overall look and feel of your website.

Web UX Design (Web User Experience Design)
Web UX design simply means improving the user experience or enhancing user satisfactory by improving usability and accessibility of the website and all its features.

When designing the ultimate user experience website here are key features to focus on:

Product Research
Product research is vital to good user experience. The type of product the target audience are the main factors to consider when designing a user experience to make sure that the customers’ exact needs are met.

The Design
The Design should be simple and elegant for great user experience. The website is more enjoyable and usable if the following are met:
1. Simple and easy to use
2. Visibility of key features and information on the website
3. User control and freedom
4. Help user recognize diagnose and recover from error
5. Help and documentation in case additional help is needed by the user

Website Information
Information on the website should be useful to ensure the customer gets what they want

Information on the website should also be
1. Usable
2. Valuable
3. Desirable
4. Findable
5. Accessible
6. Credible

Website speed
It simply is the measure of time between clicking the website link and displaying the entire content on the website. This measures the time which pages and media are downloaded to your browser.

Here are some of the advantages of having a fast website through a page speed optimization service:
1. Fats website makes you rank higher in search results (SEO)
The higher ranking will make you appear on the 1st page of search results and allow you to get a large number of visitors per day that is an added advantage to winning clients
2. Increase sales and profit.
If your website is offering sales and services, the fast experience is essential to making sure your clients get fast service as the quality of speed often reflects the quality of the product.
3. Improve accessibility of the website.
4. Improves the overall User Experience UX.

A fast website speed contributes to a more refined user experience by improving responsiveness.

To keep your website fast you should:
1. Clean and organize it. Getting read of any digital clutter keeps your server and deleting all unused files.
2. Update it regularly. This improves security, efficiency, and stability.
3. Embed media from other sources as some web servers aren’t designed and optimized to handle video or media.
4. When you need to host media make sure you compress them and make sure to provide proper dimension

Choose the right hosting site. Select hosting that has adequate resources to keep your site running fast
To conclude with better search results (SEO), more refined user experience, more page visits, and more clients you should concentrate more on Web user experience UX and website speed.